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We’re not experiencing any issues at the moment. Feel free to mod to your heart’s content.


Forums maintenance

The Nexus Mods Forums were offline for maintenance. Please read the Forum Update news post for more information.

21st November 2023

1330 GMT The upgraded forum is now available. We will continue to monitor stability and performance.

1110 GMT Progress continues on finalising our launch preparation.

20th November 2023

1355 GMT We are continuing to tune the system to handle production traffic prior to launching the upgraded forums.

16th November 2023

1626 GMT System migration is complete. We are finalising our launch schedule.

0935 GMT Data migration tasks are complete. We are entering the final phase of the migration.

15th November 2023

2205 GMT Phase two of the migration is on the final tasks and continues to go according to plan.

1045 GMT Phase two of the migration is nearing completion. We're on track to perform the final migration tasks on Thursday.

14th November 2023

2204 GMT Phase two of the migration proceeding according to plan.

0850 GMT Phase one of the migration completed successfully. Phase two is proceeding according to plan.

13th November 2023

2322 GMT Migration is proceeding according to plan.

0930 GMT Maintenance started to migrate the forums.

Avatars maintenance

06 November 2023

1200 to 1230 GMT we migrated Avatar upload and old avatar pictures to the new service

Critical infrastructure issue

02 November 2023

1200 GMT We are still cleaning up a few things that were affected by the outage but everything should be back to normal now and we're happy systems are stable. We'll continue to monitor everything closely.

31st October 2023

0200 GMT All core services are back online and all of our monitors are showing everything as healthy. We will keep monitoring everything to check for ongoing problems. Please let us know if you encounter any issues. We are leaving this status up as an issue until we are happy everything is fully stable.

30th October 2023

2315 GMT Some core services are now back online and we're monitoring performance with them. We still have work to complete to bring back other services such as file uploads. Work on this is ongoing and we'll get everything online as soon as we can - we're still expecting this to take several more hours.

2200 GMT Some services have been partially restored. Our investigation is ongoing, therefore disruption with several main services is expected. We anticipate the additional work to extend over several hours.

2000 GMT Our team is still working to restore service as soon as possible, we are making good progress but we're still some way from bringing everything back up.

1830 GMT Recovery is still ongoing. We are working to restore the service as soon as possible, but it will take a number of hours. We apologise for the inconvenience.

1700 GMT We have been unsuccessful in recovering our primary hosting platform and are currently rebuilding the environment. We expect this to take a number of hours. Most of our primary infrastructure will be affected. We don't expect any data loss.

1330 GMT We are aware of configuration problem with our primary hosting platform which may cause an outage. We are attempting to recover it.

Primary database unavailable

0520 GMT Normal operations have been restored. We are monitoring our services for any knock on issues.

0400 GMT We are aware of an issue across our services and are looking into a database problem.

Captcha service unavailable

1800 UTC The issue is now resolved.

1630 UTC We are aware of an issue regarding our Captcha service. This will affect new registrations and logins.

Website notifications available

1800 UTC Notifications are available once again.

Website notifications unavailable

0610 UTC We have discovered an issue with our notification system that requires human intervention and maintenance. The system is causing site wide outages and so we have taken it offline whilst we investigate. We anticipate that this may be offline for over 24 hours, possibly longer.

Maintenance complete

0950 UTC Maintenance started on 11th September is now complete.

Maintenance causing service interruption

1255 UTC We believe the service interruption has been resolved, while maintenance is ongoing.

1245 UTC We are aware of some intermittent issues on the website and API during some routine maintenance.